The Company structure has remained much the same as it has been for centuries for all liveries.

The Company structure

On joining, a new member becomes a Freeman of the Company. After two years, and after Freedom of the City has been applied for and granted, a member can become a Liveryman, a full member.

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Liverymen may serve as Chairs of the standing committees, apply for election to Court and further advancement to be Wardens and Master.

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There are seven standing committees: Communications & PR, Events, Finance, Fundraising, Charity, Membership and the Liveryman’s Committee. There is one non-Standing Committee, the Associates Committee, which co-ordinates activites for the members of the Company under the age of 35.

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The Court is the governing body which consists of a Master, Senior Warden (also known as the Deputy Master), Middle and Junior Wardens and a number of Past Masters and Liverymen; the Court usually meets four times a year. The Court of Assistants also elects/appoints Liverymen to the Court of Assistants.


The Wardens are elected annually by the Court of Assistants and together with the new Master take office at the Installation Court held in late September or early October.


The Master is elected annually in late June or early July by the Court of Assistants at the Election Court and is normally chosen from the Wardens in order of the Wardens’ seniority.

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If you’ve been Freeman for two years you can upgrade, contact the Clerk for more details.

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