Our Committees

At the heart of our livery are the seven standing committees.

Liveryman’s Committee

Provides advice to the Master's Committee and Court on questions concerning the Livery. Also develops and implements objectives designed to enhance the Livery experience for its members. The Committee runs a Journeyman Scheme for younger members and also promotes the Company's military and cadet affiliations.

Finance Committee

A vital part of any not-for-profit organisation. Primary responsibilities include: 1. maintaining accurate and complete financial records; 2. preparing and presenting accurate, timely and meaningful financial statements to the court and ensuring understanding; 3. budgeting and anticipating financial problems; 4. safeguarding the company’s investments; 5. complying with reporting requirements.

Membership Committee

Supports recruitment, retention and engagement with members particularly in the early stages. The Committee also looks at inclusion and diversity and works with other committees to identify where membership can be boosted. It is a hands-on, sleeves rolled up committee, where everyone is involved, leveraging the expertise and activities undertaken within the other committees.

Communications & PR Committee

Oversees and advises on all aspects of communications for the Company, including  the website and CRM, LinkedIn content, the International Banker magazine, the monthly E-Update, and video content. The Communications Committee also supports the Events Committee to promote events, and it is the brand custodian for the WCIB brand assets. 

Events Committee

The role of the Events Committee is central to fostering the vibrancy, inclusivity and promotion of the City - the aims of the Company - through offering the members and guests regular networking, industry relevant events by leveraging the breadth and depth of the membership, while not forgetting to have fun.

Associates Committee

Coordinates activities for members of the Company under the age of 35. In addition to organising specific events for Associates, the Committee’s main aims are to encourage participation of younger members and to aid their integration into the wider Company.

Charity and Education Committee

Oversees the distribution of funds to our five core relationship charities plus a further 14 charities, the administration of four competitions for schools and business schools, and the coordination of roughly 1,100 hours of pro-bono support from our members. See the Education section of the website for details.

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